Founded: 1995
Problems: The problems of agricultural production
ISSN: 2307-1699
State registration certificate: ÊÂ ¹15902–4374 ÏÐ as of 13.11.2009
Professional registration in Ukraine High Attestation Commission: Journal is included into „List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine…”. Field of Science - Technical.(Resolution Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as of 10.02.2010. ¹ 1-05 / 1)
Field of Science: Technics
Periodicity: 4 times a year
Language: Ukrainian and English
Founder: Lutsk National Technical University
Responsible editor: Ph.D.,Prof. G.Haylis
Deputy editor: Ph.D.,Prof. V. Didukh
Responsible sekrertar: Ph.D.,Associate Prof. I.Tsyz
Members of the editorial board : Ph.D., Prof., P. Savchuk Ph.D. Eng. Vladut Valentin; Ph.D., Prof., B. Hevko; Ph.D., Associate Prof., R. Kirchuk ; Ph.D., Prof., V. Kovbasa; Ph.D., Prof., E. Krasovsky; Ph.D., Prof., R. Kuzminsky; Ph.D., Prof., O. Nalobina; Ph.D., Prof., S. Pustyulha; Ph.D., Associate Prof., E. Ripetsky; Ph.D., Prof., R. Rogatinsky; Ph.D., Prof., V. Salo; Ph.D., Associate Prof., M. Tolstushko; Ph.D., Prof., V. Shvab'yuk; Ph.D., Prof., M. Shevchuk; Ph.D., Prof., V. Sheychenko; Ph.D., Associate Prof., S. Yukhymchuk.
Editorial address: room. 360, 75, Lvivska street, Lutsk, Volyn region, 43018, tel. (0332) 74-61-32.